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Azencorp boasts an impressive roster of talents from all walks of life, varying scenes, and genres approached in ways not yet recorded by historians.

Meet the Artists…

Lil Wongus

“I’ve seen the face of God, and he was mewing”

Lil Wongus, born Jamal Wong in a tight-knit urban neighborhood, discovered his love for hip-hop in the vibrant streets of his city. Raised in a diverse community, Wongus found inspiration in the rich tapestry of cultures around him. Drawing from his multicultural background, he developed a unique flow that seamlessly blended different musical influences, earning him the moniker "Lil Wongus." After a close encounter with God, he became a monk. He escaped the monastery in late 2022 and returned to the rap game under Azencorp in 2024.

Harry Baller

“I ain’t with these witches, I already got my green”

Hailing from Neo-London, Harry Baller was just a normal young boy until a crackhead on a moped abducted him from his adoptive family. He was taken to a “school” where he “learned” how to use a “wand” for casting “spells.” We aren’t sure if he’s legit a wizard or not, but after breaking into Azencorp headquarters and refusing to leave until we “accepted him as an apprentice,” we really don’t want to take the chance. We signed him at the end of 2023, and he’s been writing the occasional rap song ever since.


“I collect big gold coins the size of ash trays”

Raised by a single parent in a community that faced economic challenges, NU CA$H used his music as a way to share the untold stories of his surroundings. His raw lyrics paint a vivid picture of life in the city, addressing issues like inequality, perseverance, and the pursuit of dreams. He was discovered in 2023 and has been fighting for reform in the government through his music.


“This ain’t a V6”

HellCatSRT, or just HellCat, is your run-of-the-mill car guy. His knowledge of cars is only eclipsed by his talent on the mic. Hailing from Orlando, Florida, it’s a safe bet that you can trust him when he says “I seen some shit.” Having been in the game since 2010, he’s sold dozens of albums in the past 14 years. The Craftsman himself saw his potential, and after a quick audition and rap battle, HellCat earned himself a spot as one of the founding members of Azencorp.

Carl Livenstein

“I got shot, yo”

Longtime friend of The Craftsman, Livenstein got shot.

??? ???? ??????

“People say that I talk too much, but I don’t give a fuck”